max wencelides


wall | 2019 | wood | 3,90m x 5,67m x 0,10m


With the sculptural piece "wall" (2019), Max Wencelides has developed a site-specific artwork
which builds a strong connection to its surrounding space and interrogates artistic practices in
several ways. On the one hand, there is the situation of the studio, which is to say the space in
which an artistic process of creation takes place. In this case, it's manifested as a collective
studio that preceded the artist's studies, as the classroom of the Metzel class. The artist
fundamentally transforms the environment of the space by changing its architectural layout.
By rotating a central studio wall by 90 degrees into the room, he creates a new baseline of
space that all other participants working in the studio have to react to - consciously or
subconsciously. The space itself as well as individual and collective movements and actions
are going to find themselves altered and realigned...


Text (excerpt): Dr. Anne Vieth,
curartor, kunstmuseum Stuttgart